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Innovation Supercell (Cadenza I)

Cadenza’s innovative, patented, and UL-registered supercell battery combines affordability, safety, and quality energy density. The battery doesn’t propagate if there’s thermal energy lost. It has passed the DoD safety test and can be licensed focusing on …

APsystems Introduced a 4-module Microinverter at RE+ 2022 Event

APsystems launched its new 3-phase microinverter for commercial and industrial use at the RE+ event in 2022. 4 PV modules can be connected to the new QT2. It’s also a rapid shutdown and follows UL 1741 or CA Rule 21. 
It’s available in 1, 728 W or 208 V and 1, 800 W or 480 V output varieties. This means that it can provide maximum energy and give all the benefits that modular-level power systems offer.
The QT2 is perfect for high-capacity …