Solar Flashing Have Changed, and Roofing Sealants Remain the Same

One of the most important steps to ensure that the solar roof installation is waterproof is to seal the holes. After making pilot holes into the roof rafters, contractors have to use sealants such as silicone, butyl, or MS polymer to fill the holes. This is to prevent leaks on the solar roofs. 
There isn’t a single sealant that works for all solar panels. The right waterproofing method depends on the temperature, moisture, or precipitation …

SolarEdge Home Battery Takes Part in the Rocky Mountain Power’s VPP Program

SolarEdge Technologies and Rocky Mountain Power, a grid operator, publicized that SolarEdge Home Battery will join the Wattsmart Battery program of Rocky Mountain Power. 
This is a crucial milestone for Rocky Mountain Power since they’ve been working a lot to rank on customer-powered solar energy and battery technology in more than 60,000 solar roof clients in Idaho and Utah. With SolarEdge joining, the grid will be more stable, there will be a better use of renewable energy and lesser expenses in the community. 

Solaria Merges with Complete Solar

Solaria, a solar panel company, will join Complete Solar, a residential sales platform provider in California to create a new company named Complete Solaria. This will give the new company the power to work as a complete system operator that provides residential solar installation with sales expertise, product accessibility, and design support.
Will Anderson, the CEO of Complete Solar will be the CEO of Complete Solaria, and Tony Alvarez, the …